Sacred Cows

Sacred Cows: A lighthearted look at belief and tradition around the worldDid you know God forbids the tying of shoelaces on Saturday?

Or that humans emit a color aura which can only be discerned with a third eye? That a bountiful harvest requires the flinging of a live goat from a church bell tower? That instead of wishing upon a star, we can wish upon a...cow?

Well into the 21st century, our species promotes fascinating (and often shocking) customs that seem more suited to the Bronze Age than the Information Age.

Join author and radio host Seth Andrews for a random romp across the planet, and a humorous look at some of humanity's sacred cows.

 Official release date: June 2015

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What People are Saying:

"A splendidly irreverent read. Engaging and educational. I highly recommend it."
-- Peter Boghossian
author / street epistemologist


"...a hilarios roast, and Seth Andrews is the perfect roastmaster."
--Dale McGowan
E.D. / Foundation Beyond Belief

"Seth's radio voice is just as strong behind a keyboard."
--Keith Lowell Jensen


"Buy this book for the illustrations. Seth can't write for s#!t."
--Vincent Deporter
illustrator / "Sacred Cows"


"Warning: This is NOT a compilation of children's bedtime stories (unless you're Christopher Hitchens' kid)."
--Maryellen Hooper
comedy writer / performer


"What a wonderful book."
--The Pope
--Synod of Bishops Assembly

"What a terrible book."
--The Pope